Except as noted, all images copyrighted by and should be attributed to E. Bourland Hawley.
I had become many eons ago a traveling literary gnome, inquisitive about places I had and had not visited,
walking the same paths of peoples from the past, through places once grand and still grand,
photographing images that now show me the places about which I still dream . . .

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Splash of Light

One can enjoy endless possibilities for creativity with a blinking ring an an LED lamp.

Light Painting: Balloon in the Garden

    A lantern tethered to a string and MyFriendEllen's gift of a blinking ring provided me with an opportunity for light painting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


     Left, lower corner of the image (perhaps by squinting hard enough), one can see the fireflies that emerge after sunset. 

     For more information about Lightning Bugs, visit the National Geographic page about them.

Bunny and Bluebonnets

     While mowing the other day, MyMrMallory drove around a patch of Bluebonnets and other flowers to ensure that they go to seed for next season.

     What a delight to see the rabbit appear again. I slowly moved to position myself for a pleasing composition, bunny in the foreground and flowers in the background.

Barn Swallows

See the nice website with information and outstanding photography about Barn Swallows at Wildscreen Arkive.

Snuggling Sparrows

Looking contented after a meal provided by their parents, young sparrows snuggle up for a nap. 
View more information about the House Sparrow at the Audubon Guide to North American Birds.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks Resting

    Interestingly, Black-bellied Whistling ducks are monogamous and will nest in the cavity of a tree. The young will hop out, and thanks to their fluffy down, will not be injured. The young can immediately feed themselves, and after about eight weeks, fly off on their own.
    Typically, this duck is gregarious and social, and not prone to travel long distances.

    These two rested and nibbled for food in front of the Hardin Building at the university.

    More interesting information at Wikipedia and Internet Bird Collection.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


One-legged Cardinal Papa

      My neighbors named him Hoppy, for he hops around on his one leg. He is a handsome fellow with feathers so vibrant, one can spot him in any tree or bush. One wonders why he and some other birds have only one leg.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Basket Flower Along a Wheat Field

Sicklepod Rush-pea and Hogs

      And just what do the hogs dig up during their daily stroll? The tuber of the Sicklepod Rushpea provides nutrition for those who dig, such as hogs and humans. The leaves are eaten by deer, and the seeds are eaten by quail and turkey. Archer County.
      Wildflowers of Texas, by Gejata Ajilvsgi.

Lemon Mint

     In her delightful book about Wildflowers of Texas, Geyata Ajilvsgi wrote that "A delightful tea can be brewed from the dried leaves," and that the lemon mint "contains a volatile oil from which citronellol is obtained, and aromatic substance often used as insect repellents as well as in perfumes."
     Archer County.

Winter Vetch

A legume native to Europe and Asia, farmers in the US plant it in between crops.
Wikipedia explains that the crop can balance nitrogen in the soil.
Archer County.

Hawk and Nest

A young Red-tailed hawk works on her nest.

View Wikisource's article by John James Audubon for more information about Red-tailed Hawks.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Great Egret

     See Wikipedia's article to read about interesting information about the Great Egret. I particularly enjoy the image below for the presence of the female mallard swimming in the middle of the scene. This is a composite image of the same egret, who stood patient as can be while an awkward human stumbled under the brush across the pond, attempting to approach (stealthily) for a a closer snapshot.

Bullock's Orioles and Nest


    Very nice article written for Wikipedia about the Bullock's Oriole. Spotted nearby, the Baltimore Oriole, too. Archer County.

Bobwhite and Flower

Green Heron Nesting

     Green herons are quiet, nocturnal (unless feeding their young) creatures of God, preferring to spend time by themselves. They have been seen dropping insects on the surface of the water to attract fish, which they then attempt to catch. Nice article in Wikipedia about them. Archer County.


    The White-faced Ibis nests in marshes with dense growth. After a drought, this marsh in Archer County flourished with various invertebrates and crayfish, providing a good nesting site.
     I love the colors of this image.

Lark Buntings

    They gather in large flocks in prairies, meadows, and around cattle pens and ponds.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology mentions that it is the only sparrow that changes its plumage from winter to breeding. Archer County.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Purple Bloom Cactus

Young Bluebird

    Spotted among the brushy plants, juvenile bluebirds (Eastern). In flashes of brilliant blue reflecting under the sun, adult bluebirds flew above us and past us.
    The juvenile bluebirds are distinctive in their spotted chest and back, with the one pictured above showing a bit of blue emerging on his tail.

Let Lovely Turn of Phrase Begin

Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On

Listen, will you? I think that . . . literature, poetry, music and love make the world go round . . . while mathematics explains things; I fill my life with them, then go walking in snowy woods.
Let us go then, you and I
like two etherized patients floating
through life, together feeling prufrockian.
DDB Jr. makes my world go 'round; during his absence, Pachelbel fills it up.
One summer I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, then through the Gulf of Finland to reach Saint Petersburg; I pursued Joseph Brodsky in its alley ways. I dream of making that two summers.
I read “Biking to Electra;” found my way in a Jaguar car, and glanced at the flashing steel grasshoppers at sunset. I’ll follow K.O.P.’s footsteps after he followed N.Scott Momaday’s; find warmth and inspiration on a rainy mountain.
Throw chinese coins for the I Ching.
Save the whales, the spotted owl, the woman in toil.
Cast a fly for trout; my memories of fly fishing under the sunny blue Colorado sky remain; I yearn to build more . . . with more trophy Browns.
Listen for the swan’s calls on the Baltic Sea. Feel KKII's joy, his arms spread wide in Yazilikaya.
Good night, Jimmy Durante, where ever you are.