Except as noted, all images copyrighted by and should be attributed to E. Bourland Hawley.
I had become many eons ago a traveling literary gnome, inquisitive about places I had and had not visited,
walking the same paths of peoples from the past, through places once grand and still grand,
photographing images that now show me the places about which I still dream . . .

Saturday, June 30, 2012

$111 Coffee and Cookie

   To fulfill some of my flying requirements, I flew to Abilene with MyMrMallory in the right seat. In Abilene, we sipped some coffee, sampled a chocolate chip cookie, and then returned home. 
   Early mornings during the summer provide the best time to fly a little airplane, with mild temperatures and not too many thermals to bounce us around. During our flight, we heard other general aviation traffic on the radio, but had both airports all to ourselves, which is one of the charms about flying, in my view. One mustn't become complacent though, thinking we have the sky for our own, and should maintain a look out for other aircraft whose occupants also experience the delight of aviation.
    iPhone photo of the Red River and the nose of the Scissortail as we banked toward final on 15R at Sheppard.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Infrared Sunflower and Chair

     Nikon D2xs, IR 720 filter, 35mm, f3.5, 1.0s, 100 ISO, auto WB, manual mode; cropped, lightened up a bit, and increased contrast during post processing in the digital darkroom using Aperture.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Turkish Art

In my kitchen, I placed Swiss chard in a hand-painted bowl from Avanos, Turkey, 
painted by an artist in the shop called Firca. iPhone photo.

Underside of the bowl. iPhone photo.

One of the artists of the Firca shop at his work. Nikon D3, 45mm, ISO 1000, f2.8, 1/20.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Air Race Classic 2012 Took Off Today

Story in today's News Herald.

Follow the racers by visiting their blogs 
and by visiting the racers' Facebook page.

Pre-fruit Passionflower

     Passionflowers bloom one time, one day, then curl up to focus their energy in becoming fruit.

Nikon D2xs, 50mm, 100 ISO, f3.5, 1/200, manual metering, 
post processed in the digital darkroom for cropping, contrast, and higher exposure.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flower as Porch

Moth meal at noon on the front porch.

Spider on thistle.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Between Here and There

       A drive across a country or state, any state, not only Texas, will yield some interesting "grab" shots. Those are the shots you take as your vehicle zooms by on the roads and you quickly raise your camera to "grab" a scene. The scenery, among other things, makes travel so interesting. Drive safely.

Nikon D7000, 50mm, Program mode.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Safety in Knowledge, and Great Burgers, Too

      Too Tall and other instructors invited the local general aviation community to lectures in safety, rides in jet simulators, and a visit to the control tower at Sheppard Air Force Base. Many attended landing in light sport aircraft, several Bonanzas, and a Stearman, and were treated to beautifully cooked burgers.

Biplane from Gainesville, Texas, viewed from inside the vehicle that transported 
the pilots from the parking to the hangar.

Control tower at SAFB. 

Too Tall enlightened the pilots in attendance about the routes that the jets take as they train.

A simulator technician watches as one of the pilots flies a T-38.

Inside the simulator cockpit of a T-38.

Pilots Tom and Carolyn watch the monitors outside the simulator.

Fuselage of a real T-38.

Stretch marks on the empennage of a T-38. 

It was a family event.

Friday, June 8, 2012


It bloomed, and here we are, delightedly.

Infrared Holly, Pecans, and Oaks

I hope the trees in North Texas survive the summer temperatures. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remember Ryan, Too!

    Intrigued by the verses inscribed on the monument to honor the dead at the Perryville Battlefield, I surfed the Web for reliable sources. I discovered that Abram Joseph Ryan (1839-1886) wrote one quatrain consisting of two lines extracted from his poem "The Sword of Robert Lee," and that Theodore O'Hara (1822-1867) wrote the other three quatrains. No doubt that the people who erected the monument in 1902 chose the words for the relevance and emotional gravitas of their day.
    Both men seemed interesting. Project Gutenberg has a copy of a tribute to Ryan written by John Moran. The Catholic Encyclopedia notes that O'Hara "wrote little of special merit" except the poems from which came the quatrains inscribed on the Perryville monument, "The Bivouac of the Dead," and a second poem that became popular, "A Dirge for the Brave Old Pioneer."

Father Abram Joseph Ryan.

Theodore O'Hara

The area of Lexington in this picture taken from the air shows 
the undulating hills that reflect the countryside in Kentucky
where battles were fought during the American Civil War.

One way to Perryville, the (nail-biting) curving Highway 68.

Old trees grace the hallowed grounds of the battlefield.
[ . . . ]
Nor braver bled for a brighter land,
Nor brighter land had cause so grand, 
[ . . . ]
From "The Sword of Robert Lee" by Abram Joseph Ryan.

[ . . . ]
On Fame's eternal camping-ground
their silent tents are spread,
and glory guards with solemn round
the bivouac of the dead.
[ . . . ]
From "The Bivouac of the Dead," by Theodore O'Hara.

[ . . . ]
Nor shall your glory be forgot
while fame her record keeps,
or honor points the hallowed spot
where valor proudly sleeps.
[ . . . ]
From "The Bivouac of the Dead," by Theodore O'Hara.

[ . . . ]
Nor wreck, nor change, or winter's blight
nor time's remorseless doom,
shall dim one ray of holy light
that gilds your glorious tomb.
[ . . . ]
From "The Bivouac of the Dead," by Theodore O'Hara. 

The monument in May, 2012, on a foggy day. 

Rest in peace, dear fallen. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Contrast of it All

      Diminished saturation to black and white, increased exposure levels, and decreased contrast levels during post processing in the digital darkroom using Aperture. Shot with Nikon D7000, ISO 100, 105mm f3.2 - f3.  Fun!

     Photography has become a part of my gardening. There is so much gardening to do!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Conventional Plowing After Grazing Wheat

Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

      I feel as if I can reach up to my monitor and touch the soft petals of the rose. I can almost smell its fragrance. I can enjoy looking at my roses all year! Nikon F6 Provia 100.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Poetry: Eroding Time

Eroding Time

Gradually, the setting sun changed the colors of the Parthenon
its marble changing from ancient gold to glorious gold
the softness of its edges made smooth by time,
by air, wind, fire -- acid rain, smog, and climbing tourists.

Still, on the plaka the busy people continued selling trinkets
laughing with and at themselves and especially at visitors.
Some spoke to others into cell phones, "Don't worry, I know."
One shopkeeper quarreled with me, "No photos. Go away."

A shopkeeper's daughter pointed to her father's jewelry,
sparkling diamonds and gold on display, "The artists thread
the gold and then weave it into this necklace," she said.
"This is cool stuff here." She sounded mainstream American.

Near the church a plump woman in a red dress folded a silk
tablecloth. "Buy it," she said, and then shoved it in my arms.
"My husband dead. My children small," she told me,
her Greek brow furrowed, turning toward the setting sun.

Selling on the Plaka, Athens, 2008. Nikon D2xs, f7.6, 1/250, 100 ISO, 200mm.

Let Lovely Turn of Phrase Begin

Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On

Listen, will you? I think that . . . literature, poetry, music and love make the world go round . . . while mathematics explains things; I fill my life with them, then go walking in snowy woods.
Let us go then, you and I
like two etherized patients floating
through life, together feeling prufrockian.
DDB Jr. makes my world go 'round; during his absence, Pachelbel fills it up.
One summer I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, then through the Gulf of Finland to reach Saint Petersburg; I pursued Joseph Brodsky in its alley ways. I dream of making that two summers.
I read “Biking to Electra;” found my way in a Jaguar car, and glanced at the flashing steel grasshoppers at sunset. I’ll follow K.O.P.’s footsteps after he followed N.Scott Momaday’s; find warmth and inspiration on a rainy mountain.
Throw chinese coins for the I Ching.
Save the whales, the spotted owl, the woman in toil.
Cast a fly for trout; my memories of fly fishing under the sunny blue Colorado sky remain; I yearn to build more . . . with more trophy Browns.
Listen for the swan’s calls on the Baltic Sea. Feel KKII's joy, his arms spread wide in Yazilikaya.
Good night, Jimmy Durante, where ever you are.